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Calico Critters Pookie Panda Family

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Description : Calico Critter are pocket sized pals who can help youngsters play out all kinds of play. The Pookie panda family comes with two adults and a set of twin child pandas. Each one is all dressed up and ready to play! Imaginative kids will use the characters and accessories to create whole stories and new worlds. And plenty of little ones get a kick out of the little details on such itty-bitty clothing. The Calico Critter world is full of beautiful animal families and precious mini accessories meant for tiny hands! Walter the Pookie Panda father is the idea man of the village, and he's never without a smile. He's always thinking of wonderful events to plan for the whole village. When the villagers want to throw a party, they know just who to ask! Debra the Pookie Panda mother loves music and is fantastic at writing songs. She's written lots of songs for shops and events in the village. Tyler the Pookie Panda baby is the best dancer at the village nursery—everyone is blown away by his cool moves. He's a very kind boy, and teaches the other babies how to dance too. Angela the Pookie Panda baby loves to sing. She's always singing songs her mother has written! Outfits are interchangeable Each panda has a soft velvet finish head to toe Arms, legs, and head rotate on all pandas Family of four; guaranteed not to multiply unexpectedly Heights: 3in tall, 2.25in, 1.25in

Item Number : 1-348511

Category : Toys

Brand : Epoch