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Color: green technicolor

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Description : Relaxed Series | Fun for everyone The Waboba Surf is the newest addition to the line of water bouncing balls. It is a bit softer than the Extreme, making it perfect for all around family fun at the ocean, lake, or river. Skip it, throw it, bounce it back and forth; however way you play, it will provide great fitness fun for hours until the sun goes down. Info: Not suitable for pets. Avoid bouncing it on hard surfaces as this will shorten the life of the ball. Only play in pools if you have a goal net to prevent the ball from bouncing out of the poo High performance water bouncing ball Patented 3-layer design Signature gel core Best for ocean and lake play Ages 6+ Size: 55mm / 2.17 in

Item Number : 1-346796

Category : Toys

Brand : Waboba