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COBI USS Enterprise CV 6

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Description : Pieces: 2510 Age: 10+ Scale: 1:300 USS Enterprise is an American aircraft carrier from World War II. Its name means "entrepreneurial", "darts" and "full of energy". It was already the seventh ship bearing this honourable name in the US Navy. It was commonly called "Big E". It served very actively in the Pacific throughout the war with Japan. It was honoured with 20 stars for its combat operations. The USS Enterprise was entered into service in May 1938. It was equipped with 8 universal 127 mm calibre guns. During the war, new more effective small-calibre anti-aircraft guns and large-calibre machine guns were constantly exchanged and added. The air carrier was also equipped with the most modern air surveillance radars, radio altimeter and rangefinder. USS Enterprise took 70 - 91 aircraft with it depending on the period. These were fighters, dive bombers and torpedo planes. Official statistics confirm that 911 enemy planes and artillery shot down. Its dive bombers and torpedo planes contributed to the sinking of 71 enemy ships and damaged another 192. The USS Enterprise operated in the Pearl Harbour area in the initial phase of the war. It covered the Hornet aircraft carrier during the first raid on Tokyo (Doolittle Rally). As a flagship, she took part in the battle for Midway, in which planes from American carriers led to the sinking of four Japanese carriers. During the battle in the Solomon Islands the Enterprise was severely damaged. After refurbishment at Pearl Harbour, it returned to warfare, supporting landing operations and taking part in bombing of Japanese targets. The USS Enterprise took part in a great battle in the Philippine Sea. An operational group with the Enterprise in its fleet, contributed to the sinking of the super battleship Musashi. On February 10, 1945 the Enterprise supported the landing and fighting on Iwo Jim. The end of the war found the Enterprise at Puget Sound Navy Yard where it was repaired after taking damage from one of the kamikaze planes. From the world of COBI comes a model of the legendary USS Enterprise aircraft carrier (CV-6). The kit has been designed in a standard 1:300 scale. The set consisting of as many as 2510 blocks will provide many hours of exciting construction and fun. Using high quality prints to reproduce the deck painting and ship's details from the World War II period this model will really please those builders who like detail in their kits. The high quality of this kit means that the prints do not wear after time or with play from little one’s hands. The model is equipped with as many as 6 micro-block aircraft and a special transparent block, which after being attached to the undercarriage can imitate the plane taking off. The USS Enterprise aircraft (CV-6) can be displayed on the fantastic stand included in the kit.

Item Number : 1-356015

Category : Toys

Brand : COBI