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Drench Game

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Description : DRENCHED & LAUGH: Drench is an exhilarating multiplayer party game where players take turns in a suspenseful battle to avoid getting sprayed from the can after shaken. The last player to stay dry wins! How many shakes until you get drenched?! STAY DRY, STAY VICTORIOUS: It is a dice rolling game which includes two "ice shaped" dice. The first die determines how many times you need to shake the soda can. And the second die determines whether you keep your turn, skip your turn or pick a player to take your turn. A fun game of strategy and chance as the two dice add an element of anticipation and create a dynamic gameplay experience! ULTIMATE SPRAY SHOWDOWN: The package includes a soda can and two dice. This family board game brings the element of surprise to game nights. As players eagerly shake the soda can the designated number of times, tension builds up as they await their fate - will they be safe and enjoy the tab-opening sound effect, or face the laughter of getting DRENCHED? SOAK UP LEARNING: It's an interactive & exciting game that offers an educational benefit by combining fun gameplay with cognitive, basic mathematical, social interaction, and emotional skills development. It transforms a simple game into an engaging learning experience for kids and an enjoyable bonding activity for the entire family! HILARIOUSLY REFRESHING GAME FOR ALL AGES: Drench cultivates a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. It fosters bonding, teamwork, communication, and quality time, making it an ideal choice for gatherings, parties, or family game nights. Get ready for unforgettable moments, laughter, and a stronger sense of togetherness with Drench! Ages 8+

Item Number : P2931

Category : Games & Puzzles

Brand : Mukikim