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Description : Shoot for the Moon with a rocket you can launch with just two ingredients! The Fizz Rocket is a bicarb and vinegar powered rocket that you can shoot off into the air in an exciting and repeatable experiment. Try varying the amount of fuel you add to your rocket to explore the role of fuel in how high your rocket can fly! Age: 7+ What You Get 1 x Fizz Rocket. Requires baking soda and vinegar (not included). Parts Included: 1 x Rocket 1 x Measuring spoon 1 x Instruction book How It Works Simply add vinegar and baking soda (not included) into the fuel chamber and watch this classic carbon dioxide reaction explode. The baking soda and vinegar react and form carbon dioxide gas. When the pressure builds up inside the chamber, it forces the rocket up and into the sky! Awesome! Teach Chemistry Forces

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Brand : Heebie jeebies